Corrective exercises are administered to correct abnormal movement patterns (identified in a Selective Functional Movement Assessment), restore muscle balance, and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

The corrective exercises strategies listed below are typically used between therapy sessions and beyond:

Self Myofascial Release

Used to assist in decreasing the over-activity of the muscle and fascial tissue (trigger points). Foam rollers and massage balls are used to reduce muscle tension.

Static and Dynamic Flexibility

Active isolated stretching is used to lengthen mechanically shortened muscle and connective tissue to increase range of motion in the tissues and joint.

Isolated Strengthening and Stabilization

Used to strengthen and re-educate under-active muscle or muscle groups. The isolated strengthening and stabilization exercises are used to increase muscular strength, coordination and control of movement.

Dynamic Movement

Used to reeducate the nervous system on proper movement patterns. The dynamic movement and total body exercise are used to enhance the functional capacity of the entire musculoskeletal system.